Some character sketches

It’s been a busy place around here.  I’m painting 2 books and my bookshelf/storage cabinet project is finally finished. April & May were full of many fun visits to elementary schools and a couple of literacy conferences. Luckily I have an intern this summer, so we’re able to handle more work than I can accomplish by myself.

As well as stapling, tracing and blocking in paintings, Christina scanned in some old character sketches that were lying around and needed to be filed.

These are from Humphrey, Albert & the Flying Machine.  The story takes place within the classic Sleeping Beauty tale.  To accentuate that 100 years have passed (while the entire castle sleeps) Briar Rose wears a renaissance costume at the beginning of the story and wears an 18th century wedding dress at the end—and yes, that’s more like 300 years difference in costume styles.  Humphrey, Albert, and Dad are dressed in renaissance era and Daniel is 18th century.

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