Princess India


I lost India, my beloved studio-mate Saturday, June 7th. I’m only now able to write about her.  She was loved and maybe even a little spoiled. India was her mama’s baby but she spent the workday with me. Not only was she my work companion—as well as the official Studio 27B greeter—India made many cameo appearances in my books. I’ve compiled them here. There are probably more and I’ll add them as I find them.

Sleep well, my princess.


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  1. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    She will be missed very much John! I am so sorry! She will be your angel and watch over you. I hope you are doing okay.
    Love, Shelly

  2. Nancy Manders
    Nancy Manders says:

    She was a wonderful little girl and made all of us so happy to get her love, I am so glad that you picked one another out and had such good times together and such dear memories.
    Love you, Mom


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