Another shot at the pulpit

Last Sunday the elders of Second Presbyterian Church in Oil City, Pa had the poor judgement to allow me behind the lectern again. Like last time, I drew a bunch of cartoons to illustrate my message. The scripture for the week was Matthew 3:1-12, where John the Baptist shows up and tells the Pharisees that they’re a ‘brood of vipers’.

My sermon was titled ‘Paths & Gatekeepers’. I had a blast—many thanks to the congregation for putting up with my silliness!

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  1. Susan Wilkinson
    Susan Wilkinson says:

    I find that iam blessed with God’s word presented in the most creative way. Your presentations are so delightful they make the heart happy and aware of God’s word given to us in scripture. Thank you so much for using the gifts given you by God to share his word with us. So Gratefull Sue Wilkinson


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