An editorial assignment

Occasionally—very occasionally—I get an assignment to create an image for grownups.   These two were for a business magazine; the article was about decision-making.  One was to be of a couple of football players and an umpire flipping a coin, the other would be two lawyers playing rock-paper-scissors.  The client provided a rough layout—

Here’s the sketch of the football players—

This was a black & white assignment, so I rendered it in India ink washes.

Here are the two lawyers, as a sketch—

And inked in—

Why is the sketch always more fun than the finish?

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  1. Joey Livingston
    Joey Livingston says:

    “Why is the sketch always more fun than the finish?”

    Man, you took the words right out of my mouth. In my digital work, I sometimes just clean up and darken the original sketch, and put it on top of my colors, instead of inking it, because I love all the crazy lines and textures in the sketch that inspired me to finish the piece in the first place!


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