The Divine Sarah

This past January I had the pleasure of creating images for the Pittsburgh Public Theater‘s season brochure—this time for the world premiere of L’Hôtel, a new comedy by Ed Dixon. The cast of characters is 6 stars from the recent and distant past. Art Director Paul Schifino asked me to create stand-alone caricatures of 3 of them: Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde and Sarah Bernhardt. Here are sketches, painting-in-progress and the finished art of the Divine Sarah.

By the way, this painting and two others will be on display at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Alumni Show which opens this Friday evening.

Some great ink!

Thank you, Claire Kirsch, for your fine reportage on my recent visit to Penns Manor Elementary and my collaboration with the students to create the horrible & dreadful Baby Pandasaurus Rex! Read all about it here.


Thanks, Penns Manor Elementary!

What an honor!

Jack and the Giant Barbecue has been nominated for a Reuben award!

The January PSInside is here!

And not a moment too soon! You can find it here.

PSInside June 2012

The new edition of PSInside just hit the newsstands!

Hannah the intern’s last day

Thanks, Hannah, for your help—it’s been a fun 6 weeks. Warm wishes for a successful career!

The Examiner interview, Part 3

Right over here!

Feb/2012 PSInside

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Mini Ninja

Soon after the Mini Mashers project I was given the Mini Ninja project. Same idea: teensy weensy plastic dolls sold in sets of 4, 8 and 12. I guess Remco liked the Mini Masher origin story; at any rate I was asked to write one for the Mini Ninja. This time around I thought it would be funny to describe smallness as an Asian martial arts philosophy—shojutsu. I had a buddy who studied karate and all things Japanese. He told me sho means small and shojutsu would mean smallness study.