I’d be delighted to visit your school and speak to your students about children’s book illustration. To schedule a presentation at your school, please email John at bookings@johnmanders.com.

I offer a choice of presentations: 
For Grade 4 and older, a step-by-step overview from the beginning stages of the creative process: manuscript, thumbnail sketches, full-sized sketches–to slides showing stages of a finished painting. I talk about the different people involved–editor, art director, author, illustrator–emphasizing the importance of group cooperation to produce a children’s book. I have visuals to passaround so that the students get a closeup view of all the stages being discussed.

Grades 1 – 3:   I will read a book and do a painting demonstration. I explain the tools & materials I use, and paint a likeness of one of my characters.

High school, College, & Older:  I’m happy to discuss the business & career aspects of illustration.

Afterward I will be available to inscribe copies of my books.

Cost:  My honorarium for schools in Venango County, PA is $900 for a full day, $600 for a half day. I can do two presentations in the morning, two in the afternoon. If you’re not in Venango County, my honorarium is $1,200.00 for a day – please add meals, mileage and hotel.

Recognitions:  I’m proud to have been named Outstanding Illustrator/Author of 2006 by the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association.

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